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beautiful movie with amazing fight choreography.


trailer has been published: video site/watch?v=azbrjfq2l7w our brother keanu is fighting again. if fighting doesn't suit this man, i don't know who else does.


feature film directed and starring keanu reeves. our brother keanu, who says that fights cover 40 minutes of the movie, uses a wonderful camera to reflect the fight scenes to the audience effectively.


the movie i started to download after i saw keanu reis fighting in front of the camera for the first time after the matrix in the trailer. by the way, it's nice to be the bad guy. you are almost 50 years old, but you are the leader of your charisma, the flag waving, the top of the wall, my brother keanu. robert downey jr, even christian ballet fucked up next to you. we missed you.


--- spoiler --- keanu reeves' fight scenes were so matrix-like that i really liked it. kicking, punching, even vomiting blood was exactly the same as the matrix. --- spoilers ---


the movie where keanu reeves couldn't fight like neo, partly because of the production quality and partly due to age. after the past 9 years, there is no decrease in charisma and handsomeness, but... by the way, our friend named tiger hu chen, who is in the lead role of the movie, also played in matrix reloaded. (white friend beaten by neo at merovingian's house)


keanu reeves i guess he was tight on money and made a movie like this. well, i would look at him, why did he do such a thing? come to me mom. come come. i'm an officer and i'll take you on myself. i love it too. just don't make movies like this again, okay? not worth for money. what if we can get by with two bites of a cardigan? though i haven't watched it yet; but as far as i understand from the trailers, it is a movie that does not suit my neoma. i didn't like the trailer yet, i won't go into the movie at all.


it is a movie directed by keanu reeves and shot entirely in the far east, with plenty of fighting. the protagonist, slanted-eyed, wimpy tall brother, fought a lot in the manner of homeland nation sakarya (sorry, homeland nation was going to be pekin). but for some reason, keanu's name comes out first at the end of the movie. keanu reeves, who knew how to market the movie to universal. and indeed, the movie makes you watch it until the end, just like universal doesn't throw a fishing rod in the empty sea.