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(see: tom jones) legend (see: delilah) group with comments like this.


my 3rd favorite k-pop group. starry night songs are my favourite. their songs called egotistic are also very good. i can even add their songs called gogobebe to the list. the sounds are just awesome. there are those who think that they can't sing while dancing, but i think they stopped thinking like that after the gogobebe song. i don't know if they are better but they are a group that i like more than blackpink.


bad bye is a real k-drama song. i can listen to it for hours. it's perfect. by the way, there is not a bad song in the new album, they were all in my mouth. finally moonbyul i'm in love with you.


their cover of aoa's good luck song is a complete overkill in terms of the competition. but it's fun to watch and i think it's better than the original: []


a k-pop group with a brand new concept with their new song (see: aya).