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the most virtuous group in the world. in such a way that, in the staff consisting of war*, antisilence's peace*, guray* and war*, there is neither the virtue* of warfare nor the virtue* of antisilence. *


in a music climate that has lost its sincerity and where the stereotypical words "i'm sorry, i miss you, i miss you, don't push, don't go, don't go" are constantly repeated. we know these men more or less, they are generally intelligent, witty, uncomplicated men as in their lyrics, this is reflected in their music as well. i guess it's called sincerity; i mean, it doesn't look anything artificial, like they got together for fun. and this is the most beautiful one.


once asked them in a virtual environment, "why don't you recruit a second electrician to the group, and we can listen to your cover works with pleasure wherever am i roam?" the group i like answered the question "there is no place on the stage, brother *.


cenk ergin cenk's* new music group... he also has an album that he released in 1992 with his disbanded old band...


sometimes i'm so afraid that they will disperse before i can go to a concert. just hold on a little longer, please...


the band that made me buy an album for the first time in like 10 years. i bought both of them at the same time, just so the guys wouldn't make some money and quit the music.


the group whose song "can't" should definitely be listened to.