making raki at home

making raki at home

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it is a job that anyone who has fermented yogurt can do. it also says how it's done on the internet. i still don't understand why people are still sending money* to tayyip for his power.


friend of mine has been dealing with this for 15-20 days. we crushed the grapes together. we mixed it for days. processed a world. he finally took a rest. we could drink in a few days. if i go blind after drinking, i can't write here. i'll edit the entry if it doesn't suck.. addition: i still see it. in addition, we made drowning raki out of 40 kilos of grapes. it was up to 7 liters. i throw two doubles every night, i'm like halva :/


as a result, we will make house raki. what goes with garden tomatoes and country bread! those old flavors are gone now... we get everything ready, goddamn technology!


it is possible to get gassy by watching all kinds of videos on video site, here is a compilation of them; making raki at home in 5 minutes link making raisin raki link making fresh grape raki link making raki from powdered sugar link making raki from alcohol linklink 2link 3