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'macbook pro' is the concept that i deliberately ruined the imam. when the man said 'hö', the currency changed to the more conventional 'republican gold'.


goods or money that has a lower limit but no upper limit. a woman may want everything she can think of from her man, but it is a difficult situation for her to determine an amount that will put her man in a difficult situation. it is still in the hands of the woman to determine the fine line in between.


considering that although women have the same economic power as men in the 21st century, the thing called alimony continues to exist and is needed, it does not show that the Qur'an is getting old.


it is an event that is commanded in the Qur'an. it is the marriage of a man to give his wife some money or property. it is not obligatory to give at the time of marriage. the aim is that in case the man dies, the woman has a resource that she can manage herself for a while. according to islamic law, since the woman can marry at least 3 months after the death of her husband, even if the man dies, he has to take care of his wife for 3 more months. the mahr is the amount of money that the woman can meet all her needs for 3 months. if a woman wants, she can donate her mahr to her man.


gold, silver or any property or benefit that the man will give to the woman at the time of marriage, which is the right of the woman.


these eyes saw those who wanted 500,000-1 million. love love story it's awesome to rob a man under the guise of religious belief. the cost of alimony.


is the withholding of the bride price.


property or money that a man agrees to give to his wife at the time of marriage.