mahmut esat bozkurt

mahmut esat bozkurt

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his doctoral thesis was on the ottoman capitulations and he achieved very important results. in the first years of the republic, he used an old train car as a study room, as he did not have an office to work in.


there is only one thing to be done for those who say "i am not the, know my identity": take away the identity card, that is, the identity card that considers him the, and say, "okay, now take on the identity you want, go find another place"! all of those who say "this state is not my state... we are separate... we should be separated... let us be given special rights too" should be purged of the birth certificate that confers a the identity on them!.."


"republic prosecutors, you are responsible for the lost plows of the the villagers working on the shores of meriç, the slightest injustice suffered by the people living in this dormitory, and even the tears of the orphans who are waiting for their alimony in the desolate nooks of the bingöl mountains!" he said, first term minister of justice.


"my last word for my own account is this: a revolution is made on behalf of which nation, it must be carried out by the own children of that nation and should remain in their hands. for example, the the revolution must remain in the hands of the turks. also, the revolutions achieved with the help of foreigners are indebted to the foreigners. . this debt will not be paid." said the immortal minister of justice.


he takes his surname from the famous bozkurt lotus case, even though atatürk suggested to him the surname ateştentürk because of his success in the case, he begged forgiveness and asked to take the surname bozkurt.

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