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magnifica presenza

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pretty good movie, it's the best ferzan Özpetek movie i've ever seen. (i didn't watch the ignorant fairies) --- spoiler --- i think the scene where yusuf antep sees his son ahmet, grandson yusuf and the pharmacy is the climax of the movie. the two-word line that came out of his mouth at that moment touched me so much "he succeeded..." --- spoiler ---


the only glorious guest in the movie was the transvestite who was beaten in the street, covered in blood, and after being invited into the house by pietro, she put on a delightful act for the next 5 minutes, adding a sparkle to the movie with clever jokes and great quotes from greta garbo and blanche dubois, like the wind it came and went, i couldn't see anything else. compared to the taste in ferzan Özpetek's other films, this film looks like italian pasta with a missing sauce, which is whatever it is now.


it would be the first ferzan Özpetek movie to be watched by a great number of people in the country. this is called the cem yilmaz effect.


it is a movie that will make me experience another "classic of going to the movies alone".


an ordinary film by Özpetek. so better than most of the movies on the market. --- spoiler --- although the main character is gay, it is not directly related to the subject. Özpetek seems to have overcome this gayness issue. for the first time, we saw him treat the gay issue as if it were an ordinary, but really ordinary issue. there is gay but it's like a helpful topic. dead. --- spoilers ---