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if you want to work quietly, it is the place to stay away. thanks to their loud music, you find yourself among the cornfields in alabama.


it is the place where we drink coffee against the mountain view in the Ürgüp branch right now. a place that looks stylish from the outside, since it is not in istanbul, we were curious and wanted to try it. the concept is nice, the coffees are average, but it is pleasing to see such places in remote corners of anatolia. because we had difficulty in finding quality places around cappadocia, which is a tourism region for two days. additional information; the owner was a mountaineer citizen from antalya. we also liked the coffee lids, they are very easy to drink. photo below; src=""></a>


it is the place where i think that abdurrahman Çelebi acts with the motto of goat to goat where there are no sheep and i find this strategy successful. the savior who enters the environment like a marvel character so that the university youth and the provincial white collar, who are longing for the starbucks environment, do not creep in the fuckin' cafes.


the place that put an end to my starbucks term on my first visit. i don't want to praise. i'm scared.


a coffee shop that recently opened a branch in eskişehir. it is a two storey place with two terraces and a garden. we are already regulars with my lover.


by opening the yozgat branch, it surprised both us and yozgat.


a ridiculous chain of coffee shops with baristas who try to give their filter coffee order to their customers by pouring hot water on them because the coffee in the machine has run out. not to mention the slow movements of the employees and the fact that they prepare a coffee in 20 minutes without exaggeration. but in small cities, there is an expense in absence. if you live in a big city and prefer this place, it is useful to review your understanding of coffee.


aka (see: mackbear coffee co.) is a cafe chain with branches in various cities. it tempts young people with its hipster-adventurous style. some places with branches: antalya, kırıkkale, mersin, malatya, bolu, nevşehir