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because of these, the kpss 2010 teaching exam was reconstructed.


john stuart mill, who came after him, actually made machiavellian statements while talking about utilitarianism


these are the jelly types who can sacrifice everything for their cause. even finding satisfaction in their own consistency may not satisfy their personalities. they are greedy, selfish, cheeky and play slapstick until they achieve their goals. even the observations you will make with your senses without being affiliated with a pr company will prove how close the the people walk to this plane.


"everything is fair on the road to victory." people with understanding are called.


the common name of people who advocate the view that "the ends legitimize the means" and who have adopted the philosophy of management according to the ends. many of them are narcissists as a bonus.


"napoleon was giving the following speech at the state: "i won the war of vende by showing myself catholic, then by pretending to be a muslim i settled in egypt, and by pretending to be a supporter of spreading the influence of the pope, i got priests in italy. if a jewish people if i had ruled, i would have rebuilt solomon's temple." — gustave le bon, psychology of the masses


it is one of the adjectives that people in the intellectual and artistic community use when insulting each other. it is only used for self-interested and extreme reality addicts.