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the last athletic white in the nba, he is a college basketball player born in '99, the year jason -white chocolate-williams played his first season in sacramento. the 1.88 brat who falsified the white man can't jump proposition with his dunks, but had a tough job because his shooting percentage was at 20%. though if he is drafted in the following years, we will see his size better.


the jumper who decided to enter the 2020 nba draft. let's see how far it can go.


young talent combo gard, who will be mentioned frequently in the future, plays like white russell westbrook* in his own league now, if he improves his shooting a little more, he can improve it in terms of shooting mechanics.


he is a psychopathic brother of ours, born in 1999, 188cm tall. it is certain that we will watch it in the nba in a few years. he has both shooting, driving, and incredible dunks. i liked this athletic brother very much and i followed him on instagram. even drake is following.


potential star candidate of the future, which i think has been bleached with bleach or something. for a white and 1.90 m tall (if i am not mistaken) he is an oddly athletic athlete. coordination is also very good. they play like brothers playing matches with their peers at this time.


the last hope of the white race in basketball. he's got a good shot, he's pretty athletic. let's see young fella.


white jordan.