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it is the drug that i will start using after 50 mg on the advice of my doctor. i'm going to use it for the first time today, let's see the edit about the effects edit: sorry not my doctor, my bag :)


use with alcohol reduces the effect. both drugs and alcohol. of course, we have to ask the liver, “how are you doing, how are things going”?


lutral form containing 100 mg sertraline. for those who don't cut lustral...


meret that i take 1-2 tablets daily. wonderfully sleeps and invigorates. you are entrusted to god. is my recommendation (see: lsd)


the drug that my doctor wrote to me today and i started using it because the symptoms of yab did not disappear sufficiently after using 50 mg (see: selectra) for 6 full months. come on good luck.


medicine that i started again today. i had used it before, but i couldn't remember why i stopped, thanks to the nausea that started after i took the drug, i remembered why i stopped. this is causing extreme nausea on my body. i hope i don't have to quit again.


#86724390 is the medicine i have been using for exactly 7 months. it may also be the reason why i haven't been able to lose even 1 gram of weight even though my diet has been back to normal from the mid-final weeks. starting this month, i'm going to cut it in half and then move on to the quit process. i hope my weight returns to normal. by the way, my anxiety, which persisted despite 50 mg, was quite good. but of course everything has a price. and it doesn't make you sleep, it doesn't really make you sleep. i wonder if it really has such an effect on weight?