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what an empty statement these are ahahah nowitzki was 33 years old when he made dallas the champion and became the finals mvp. he was selected to the all star and all nba teams at the age of 36-37. sabonis was already 30 years old when he came to the nba, although his actions are still remembered. stockton was 35 at the time of the legendary utah-bulls fight. if i think about it, i can find many more examples, but i think that's enough.


if he was 21 years old, in his third year in the nba, and could get this much hater in ekisozluk, it means the kid is on the right track. if the man is not ashamed, 2 seasons have passed, doncic will bury why he still hasn't won a ring. doncic came out and won the match with a very good performance, with two clutch 3's. is it that hard to congratulate? luckily this season is going well. he puts on 4-5 superstar shows every week. watch it late. what's the point of throwing shit? who am i trying to tell what? according to you, lebron is also overrated. mj is also overrated. best player (see bill russell).


slovenian player who plays in the infrastructure of the real madrid basketball team. he was born in 1999 in ljubljana. everyone should hear and know that this kid is genuine tosun kukoç video site/watch?v=mihuirzkjhi


in the history of the nba play-offs, yes, no one mentioned the fact that he made the stats that only 3 players could do (40+ points, 15+ rebounds,+ 10 assists). against the championship candidate, he played such an end of the match that made him forget the small details such as the fact that he was injured and so on that it was empty for some reason..