luck is not spared

luck is not spared

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he was displaced just because he was an lgbt-friendly, forward-thinking sheikh. it is the clearest evidence that lgbt hostility has spread to the judiciary as well. dhikr


typical sheikh. if you see it on the street, you would say sheikh. for us the sheikh is one thing, for the pure religious people it is another. for us, the sheikhs are all the same shit, navy blue. pure thinks it is a religious man. ancestry says. canakkale says secular system, says honor. they say homeland, nation, they say anatolia, they say faith, they say nakşi, don't be fooled, my brother, we call them for you now. video site/watch?v=9hqkistzhjm don't be fooled. video site/watch?v=rz1blzlee6y


(see: dredge)


he is very lucky. think about it, you call my tool a fountain of light. people just put it in their mouth and suck it. he even goes to the queue that takes his wives and daughters. (bkz: badeci sheikh's secret room)


bisexual venerable, who, as the surname suggests, is not protected during the ballroom session. they put him in jail or something... if there is no complaint, i do not support this decision. if you put every single fucker in jail in this country, there will be no place for other criminals to sleep.


legend of the ancients. i wonder if he continues his bade work in prison. maybe he got out, who knows..


journalist timur soykan published the story of uğur protectz, who was sentenced to 188 years in prison and entered into a relationship by promising his followers 'heaven', using the statements given in the police, the prosecutor's office and the court, under the name 'badeci sheikh's secret room'. (bkz: badeci sheikh's secret room)


the human residue mentioned in the following interview of İsmail saymaz. after watching the video, i was glad that "it almost hurt me, i saved it hard".