loyalty pact

loyalty pact

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a pact that comes to my mind a lot these days and is necessary for peace in the middle east .


a treaty made between the country, iran, iraq and afghanistan... it contains articles such as "this is the country, this is this, this is this". it is considered one of atatürk's greatest achievements -by some-.


by the great atatürk today; 'non-aggression' agreement signed between iraq, iran and afghanistan.


it is a pact signed to establish a defense system against italy's expansionist policy in the middle east. the aforementioned 4 states signed this agreement in 1937, which contains orginal articles that sound like we will not attack each other, we will not interfere in each other's internal affairs, we will consult each other on matters of common interest, we will remain faithful to each other in sickness and in health, until death do us part.


it is the peace treaty that needs updating.


ended with the baghdad pact.


there is no one who tried to pass the loyalty pact as victory... it was different.

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