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--- spoiler --- emily: (...) i knew you had a secret. you were carefree when you were little. over the last few years but gradually... i feel like you're holding your breath. ('re still you...) now you can let go of the breath you're holding simon (...) --- spoiler ---


it's a cliché, but a movie that makes you happy and makes you laugh with tears in your eyes.


a cute or cute movie that breathes new life into cliché high school movies. interesting note: the brother of nick robinson, who plays simon in the movie, revealed to his family that he is gay during the filming of the movie.


my favorite thing about the movie was the scene where the kids announced that they were straight to their parents. it was projected as if hetero individuals were outside the norm, and it made everyone who watched empathize.


it is a very successful movie from the name to the poster. how well they did it, it's warm, it's watchable. i really enjoyed watching.


hour 40 minute cruise. i don't regret watching it. --- spoiler --- why was leah left alone like a dick? doesn't this girl deserve to be happy too? won't he be upset as he watches simon and his new girlfriend, hanging out in the backseat of the car? is there such a scenario? --- spoilers ---