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it's unbelievable how this man has so many dislikes. the member of base42 that i laughed the most with.


the person who said "i rubbed nbc, i once made a mess in anatolia" to stave off the lynching who turned against him after the rise of empires declared that ottoman found his english insufficient. *


he is a person whose humor level is one click superior to hasan mezarcı, who makes fun of people whose idea he does not like, and who makes a fuss when people don't like his idea because of a ridiculous accent tweet. edit: ahah, now i see, he tweeted "i won't come to davos again" and said that he would not write again. it's funny, like a tripping lover. well, berk lord, the day will come when you break the balance and it will weigh you too. edit2: hahah, he's still tweeting after his tweet that i won't write anymore. attention-crazed, if you're going to go, it's enough what you've done.


seth rogen cosplay


your old link is one of the parkers. look, it's not that, but the other content on the channel is also bad. he probably forgot the password but can't delete it ahahah.


i saw it today at the caffe nero on the bostanci beach. man i think he always goes everywhere with the same clothes like a cartoon character, his hat and sweatpants etc. were 100% the same as in the videos.


300k followers from the lynch culture are raving about the lynch culture, my haspa. don't go, beck. when you go, he will go, everyone should go then. you don't have anything to add anyway, go ahead (!) is the head of humor, peh! head of my dick


phenomenon that hasn't stopped crying for days on twitter. i've been following him since day one. he's gotten this far by quoting and mocking, criticizing, and humoring the nation's tweets. but when the same was done to himself, he did not agree with his opinion and he has been crying for days because he was mocked. too many boomers left for twitter, he should try his luck in the cold war, which turns to the white show.