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I was just thinking about the series about George Costanza taking over Jerry Seinfeld's job. I think the most amazing character is definitely Louie's therapist. Louie said, "You know, sometimes sex is like such a confusing thing in my life..." To which the therapist replied, "Listen, sex seems very complicated and confusing, but it's very simple. The man takes his penis, puts it into a woman's vagina, he ejaculates and she dies." To which Louie replied, "She dies?" The therapist quickly corrected himself, "Oh, no, I was thinking of something else." At which point, I couldn't help but think, "Daddy, what are you thinking?!



The best new series of 2010..every episode theme (friendship, loyalty, family, racism, goodness and evil..) is handled with a sad comedy. louis c.k. literally at the peak of his talent. If you're smart, you'll watch it..



louis ck is a great man, he is one of us, he is the loser's frontrunner.

--- spoilers ---
At the end of season 2, episode 13, "wave for me!" he shouts. louie calls it "wait for me!" she realizes and becomes full of hope again. this moment is the most beautiful and sad visual form of the expression "...".

--- spoilers ---



With its third season, Louie C.K.'s series has proven to be the most authentic American comedy series and one of the best in the world. I cannot recall any other show that can make viewers laugh out loud and contemplate life in each episode. It is not uncommon to see renowned figures such as David Lynch, Jay Leno, Jerry Seinfeld, and Chris Rock as guest stars in a single episode. We love you, Louie C.K.!



You have two daughters who are so sweet that I do not accept your existential depression, my friend. we really miss you.



This fucking drama is like a life lesson. While it can make you laugh with laughter, it can leave you in embarrassment. For example, I am terribly ashamed of the way I was 15 years ago. While laughing at others, you can suddenly find yourself ashamed for yourself. What is even more shocking is that this man in another country, in another culture, but he talks about very universal things. It also describes a very possible life. It's a pretty hopeless forties.

The most brutally realistic show I've ever watched.

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