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lost victories

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it is one of the rare books about ww2 that i haven't read (or not). i would like to express my gratitude to those who can help me find the pdf or book in the.


the book, which is not even found in second-hand booksellers on the internet.


for preview: http://books.google.com.tr/…=0#v=onepage andq= andf=false


must-have in every wwii researcher's library. the best part of the book was that von manstein only dealt with the war from a strategic point of view. he avoided commenting on political events. thus, a book worthy of its full name has emerged. its original name is "verlorene siege".


if someone who has a the or english pdf of this book could share it with me, i would be very happy. description: the book whose pdf i could not find. edit: there is an ocean called libgen, i found it from there. thanks to atlantean and troll. edit2: many messages came, still no the. it only has english.


(bkz: pyrus victory)


it is truly a very special book. the book is in my possession. it was published in 1962. interested people can contact me privately. the book has been sold.


i'm willing to even have a photocopy if you have it.