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as not mentioned, the title is originally from real madrid. the press gave this title to the team that transferred football players to animal figures in the early 2000s.




by adding figo in the summer of 2000, zidane in 2001, ronaldo in 2002, beckham in 2003, michael owen in 2004, and robinho in 2005, the team formed with the taste of screwing all the stars on the face of the earth and leaving only one stork. the first four years are okay, but how many stars you make of 2005's owen and robinho is at your mercy. if they had brought gerard instead of owen in 2005, everything would have been different today.


even though they didn't win many trophies at that time, they had great enjoyable matches. let's assume that no one counted the team in full so that it is complete. at least 4 4 2 at fms with contracted cms. casillas salgado samuel helguera carlos beckham guti zidane figo ronaldo raul


los galacticos 2004; http://www.corazonblanco.com/…rid_varios-118108.jpg los galacticos 2011; http://www.newlaunches.com/…4/darth_vader-thumb.jpg ronaldo luis nazario; http://i.wp.pl/…/f/pjpeg/8275/ronaldo_real_duze.jpg cristiano ronaldo; http://img20.imageshack.us/img20/4659/32184.jpg


for me, the mediocre imaginary team consisting of the following names or let's say they deserve more; fevzi tuncay gökhan süzen baki lentils suat master ali eren barış Özbek ayhan akman mustafa sarp mahmut hanfi josico guiza i would sacrifice all the champagne i drank just to watch this team once.


(bkz: lost galacticos)


figo, zidane, ronaldo, beckham, michael owen, raul, roberto carlos, casillas are the teams that have never won a cup for 3 years while playing in this team at the same time in their best form. in this way, the whole world understood that the star wins trophies and matches as a team, not with a football player.