longing war

longing war

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i guess he still earns better than you. otherwise, instead of being an singer in the pavilion, he would give english and mathematics lessons, he would translate. i just found myself pitying his wife, thank me, if he wasn't happy he would have done other things i$te.


he also played in "let's not shoot the kite" in his youth...


it is a vivid picture of being unable to hold on to the heavy conditions of the entertainment market. alcohol and alcohol finished the woman, she herself lived the role she played in the movie abuzer kadayif in the reality of life.


as of now, it is telling us something through the sound of the morning. Özlem savaş: "Ömer celakil is a very smart man. he said that when we made prostration while praying, blood went to the brain. i was very impressed. i also started praying" idil Çeliker: "we all have a debt. we all have to do it" (see: brain is free)


he also hosted a game show called ah girls woe boys together with levent er.


person who spent his education to make more money


this. seen by me at the computer center. at least his studentship is certified