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there is nothing left that hasn't happened to him in the last movie of the avengers, even though marvel doesn't understand it, he is the king of our (or mine) hearts, the crown of our heads. don't bow your head, never mind loki, send a reproach to odin, there are days to see. or at least there are sequels to shoot.


the real owner of the mask worn by stanley ipkiss in the movie the mask. loki wears this mask while playing dirty jokes, so there is a spell that puts the wearer in a playful mood and gives various powers, including shapeshifting.


god of jokes. despite all his sluts, he's not exactly bad. he is more a god of chaos than a god of evil, but his ways of creating chaos are often of a prank scale, with dire consequences. he's an unstable guy, but without loki he can't taste his daily life in asgard.


the god i hate for not being in the second movie of the avengers. ok find another bad guy but loki again. i don't know, find something. thor the dark world won't be the end of loki. *


the cute and bastard son of the ice giant, which i desperately want his solo movie to be made, is one of my favorite characters. charisma god holds a special place in my heart with tom hiddleston's shrewd smile. if he is a candidate, he will vote, i will be the first disciple of the cult course!


the similarity between loki and viserys targaryen is undeniable. should i say squinting, squinting eyes, hair length, those tiny red lips on a slightly tapering chin, those deep blue, leathery, suffocating eyes.. ah ah.. loki, if i come to you with my slippers? like he found love, darling hea? what do you think?


one of his nicknames is skywalker..yes we unite: loki skywalker. if it doesn't look familiar, still see a doctor..


contrary to what many know, it is a complete lie that he is the god of fire. loki is a giant, not a god. friend logi, the god of fire, is a completely different character in norse mythology. thorda, a failed movie, was brilliantly portrayed by tom hiddleston.