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say zero one must watch.


although it was made for television, which i watched from the beginning but later had to watch on television by mistake; the pit script is written in a very "comfortable" language. watching the show on tv really hurts your ears. it's really fun when you watch it online. *


series that are more realistic and better quality than the work done on tv in general, and two new ones will join us soon. i'm already excited. personality ; https://youtu.be/twywkccguqq dip ; https://youtu.be/bk97j2rduj8


series that we want to increase more, which are generally of high quality. innocent, fi, 7hundred, zero one, owned, all are beautiful series. i hope this type of work continues without compromising the quality.


series that are generally short and have good subject density. these are the ones i'm following right now: (see box) * (see: cheating) * (this production is really amazing) again the productions of the same group named iq, gunpowder are beautiful