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he is an actor who took part in 4 seasons in foreign grooms and 2 seasons when my dear family and we fell in love with you. how is that not holding anymore.


i saw him in tunali today. he's best friends with the parking lot babies. what are you doing, he said and kissed. the supporters were saying man or something. i'm 25 years old, i don't know, he's so coyote, how do you know?!


if he was even playing on selena, i'd sit and watch. i love him so much.


i'm a huge fan. well, it's not like that. i liked all his acting very much, but i became very sick with halim. i want to be my best friend, let's drink, cry, sing a song, let's talk.


a long-haired funny-type character who is famous for his role as afakan in the tv series charli...


keep your heart at ease: we've been saying for a long time, "if İlker is in this project, he won't be able to get away with it".