living with zero debt

living with zero debt

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the man who does not understand finance and economy says save and buy with plain mathematics. it goes without saying that in the consumer world, saving money is more difficult than paying off debt. will to save money and expect ownership = interest


by saving money, we can only afford the increase in the amount of the product we want to buy over the years. the real inflation is higher than the bank interest rates. this means that until you save 100 thousand liras, that product is already 200 thousand (currency fluctuation, inflation and certain taxation). it was going to come to 150. the ridiculous economic order in our country is working like that in this period. i didn't find it very logical for the moment.


well, what can i say, if the financial information at the 2nd grade level mentioned in this video opens your horizons, you have come to this age again.


calculation made by a math genius friend. (bkz: baran is 14 years old, his friends call him einstein) what good things come out when you convert the accounts to dollars...


is it more logical to own property with fixed installment debt in countries with inflation, than to own property by saving money? if your income does not increase above the price of the product you want to buy, you will never be able to buy that car. example renault clio symbol, which was 21.500 tl in 2005, is now 116.500 tl. the minimum wage, which was 488.70 tl that day, is now 2020 tl. the price of the vehicle has increased 5.5 times, your income is 4 times. if your debt remains constant while your income increases, that money is worthless after 3 years.


this man has never paid rent, i guess he never talks about inflation or anything. the inflation target of the institutions responsible for the economy of this country is 13%. that is, if we finish the year with 13% inflation, we are considered successful. i wasted my time watching part of the video


it is a behavior against the the family structure. namely; he is a human being who can be asked for a loan by young relatives who have started a business, and what more expenses are the subject of his thoughts. and needless to say, i guess those debts won't come back. therefore, the young man who has been hit like this enters the mentality of 'let me buy a car, at least because there is a debt, no one wants' and joins the current cycle. if a person's debt ends, his debt begins to multiply. let's call it debt debt chaos. we draw an intermediate curve.


totally waste of time. the man says that after 30 years, you will earn 4 million tl and you can do whatever you want with 1 million. you only get a gold plated walking stick hahaha