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little ashes

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it will be released in 2009; the film is about the youth of luis buñuel and federico garcia lorca and salvador dali. robert pattinson was playing the role of salvador dali, i didn't know how to rejoice.


it is a movie that can make all the interest or desire for robert pattinson go out with watching it. her acting is good, of course, but i still think that the number of obsessive girls who scream and scream behind her will decrease now.


it is the film that brought my knowledge about dali to vast levels and caused me to add more meaning to the statue of garcia lorca that i came across in madrid. friend dali was very crazy ok but what kind of life is this and how to transfer this life. the movie once snatched 8.5 from me on imdb, it's a shame it was given 6.6. this movie should be given the right, sir, when the nice crappy movie is on 8. in addition, the film also presents the political relations in a very appropriate place. even though they are a little against the man like me, even their relationship is reflected in the audience in a very emotional and painful way.


the movie that plays time will tell from x ray dog in its trailer.…lers/independent/littleashes/


i think the colors of the movie are tiring. especially that moonlight sea scene, it's like torture. it can turn people off from watching movies.


i haven't had the chance to watch it yet, but judging by the photos, it's a very appetizing movie. it's hard not to wonder when there's dali, buñuel, lorca anyway. if i watch it, i feel like i can agree that robert pattinson is an actor. it is a pity that this movie has received so little attention alongside his other movies.