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his last blog post is about michael jackson again. he explained that michael's favorite flower was "sunflower", he called it "happy flower", and he wanted fans to leave lots of "sunflowers" on michael's grave.…42291868 and blogid=534258549 it seems she was one of the few people who really loved michael for being michael, not for his money or fame lisa marie.


had he had children with michael, a truly genetically marvelous creature would have emerged, as has been said. i seriously can't imagine what a maniac a kid who would be elvis presley's grandson, michael jackson's kid, janet jackson's nephew could be. maniac is used here as an adjective that will settle wherever you take it.


it's enough to look into his eyes to understand why women go crazy when he takes the stage. goddess who can look like elvis.


daughter of elvis presley and priscilla presley. she married michael jackson but because michael jackson is a hygiene freak, he artificially inseminated her. i say god bless you, i can't say anything else.


country star who is currently following his father's path:…ml?in_article_id=525449 mother on the right:…ley1rex0712_468x762.jpg good old days: http ://…rie-presley-picture-2.jpg


she was married to both nicholas cage and michael jackson. when she was 7 years old, her father (see elvis presley) introduced her to her future husband of 17 (see: michael jackson) in las vegas. i'm really curious about the child who would be born if this woman got pregnant with michael jackson. i can't even imagine how it hurts when michael jackson told himself that he was going to die like his father and it happened exactly the same way.


nicolas cage's wife, wife..

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