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oil absorption. (english lipid= oil, suction=suck)


another name is "yogurt, pineapple, flaxseed". - are you skin and bones? belly or something is gone, did you have liposuction? - no diet.. - what do you say?? in a week.. what did you eat? - yogurt, pineapple, flax seeds.. - got it..


i think they do it by stabbing a tool into the area to be treated. while the channel was passing with my father on tv, i think a woman was lying on the table and had liposuction done. the doctor was stabbing something in her hand into the woman's leg and pulling it out at the same time as my father and i saw this "laaaaaaahagahaagannnnn!!!" we changed channels screaming. i mean very seriously, for a person to do this to himself, he must be crazy. if i had a bunch of ass, i wouldn't do it again, what the hell... ighhhh i shuddered again...


during the vacuuming process, not only the fat cells, but also the capillary nerve, etc. it is an operation that knocks out whatever is in the vicinity, thus causing pitting under the skin and more importantly, numbness. also, doctors do not recommend it.


i was thinking, i gave up after the comments, and after watching a video or two, this event was completely canceled. after the comments, a logic emerged. because i will hide the bruises and redness by walking around in socks for 1-2 months, it is better to run and sit up for 1 month rather than being a jokester..


i just read the news of the woman who had oil taken and died…n-govdesi-kan-dolmus i also had oil removed. it's been 2 years. the next day, i went to my house by using my car. i didn't feel any pain. taken from the chest area. note man. for years, my breasts were shaking as i walked. it was very big. for 2 years, there was no great growth and no change