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he is a young actor who portrays the character of gaza in the film " daha", which is adapted from hakan günday's novel of the same name and directed by onur saylak.


couldn't find a better person to play naim süleymanoğlu. filming has started, i don't have high expectations for the movie -due to the lousy box office style of its producer, mustafa uslu- but i'm looking forward to this boy's performance. i think it will do a good job.


i think they didn't think of hayat to portray naim sülaymanoğlu, it's as if they said "let's make a movie of naim sülaymanoğlu" when they saw hayat. it was a good movie. the whole hall just immersed in the movie and went. not a single click sounded in the movie.


just watched the movie. he made such a character that i liked him even more than naim. i did a little research to see who he is, from whom. he participated in the program of eser yenenler. there is no such sincerity, such naturalness. it's obvious that he's a very head, a very king. maybe you can read here, my young brother. i personally loved you very much. i hope the road is clear. description: pocket hercules: a young and talented actor, whom we know from the movie naim süleymanoğlu.


the man we used to sit and have fun with in high school now plays naim süleymanoğlu. by the way (bkz: pocket hercules naim süleymanoğlu) it was great guys, watch it and watch it. i'm proud of you life!


he is a young talent who has overtaken ahmet mumtaz with his acting in his movie


gorgeous kid. it's reserved and i'm going to say it will always be filled and leave it to edit.


he played the leading role in his first movie with zero acting experience and left his mark on the whole movie. i think you should go to this movie just to watch hayat. (see more)