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the actor who plays arif director in back streets.


actor, actor, narrator of video site channel before going to the movie. he sounded like 25-30 years old to me, although he was 52 years old. they produce content with his son. i skip the videos with his son. i find his movements repulsive. i only watch the content he produces with his own voice, he gives good information and has a witty language. side information; he just got divorced from his wife of 29 years, nergis Çorakçı, who is also an actress.


the person who wrote the problems of theaters in the days of corona. i loved the part of the article "we don't think about what we will watch on that tv as much as we think about its features".


istanbul metropolitan municipality city theater actor. he is currently a passenger of the passion tram. despite the rudeness of his role and his size suitable for the role, the spouse stanley has to coarsen his voice to cover the cuteness on his face throughout the game...