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(bkz: god bless us)


liken her to the ambitious girls in the debates held in primary schools in the past, whose fathers were in important places or their mothers were in the school family union.. say what is right and logical as you want.


columnist who became the target of my heavy curses on his article with the content "what's wrong with me, my brother, how animals suffer, i love fur and i will wear it". there's only one thing i can wish for someone who can say to me when talking about animals with a hot* iron inserted through their anus and skinned as they die, and it's already mentioned in this sentence.


ajdar anik of the media.


at the disco king he attended, after saying something like "who doesn't cry who listens to the holiday song today," he started to applaud when the song was played, and then said that peace mancho songs can cheer up even a very sad person. i guess i have something strange. anyway, once upon a time, "what does punishment have to do with it?" their voices were coming from somewhere.


he is a perfect example of how people in this country who have no experience or sparkle can become cherished journalists through certain relationships. also, if there was an encyclopedia article called having an opinion without having knowledge, if the picture of this lady was printed in that article, no one would find it odd to me. for another unforgettable representative of the 'the more i squeak when i'm on tv, the more they think i'm right'; (see: my dear hatami)


woman listening with her mouth.


to the father of umut Özgen, who lost his way and froze to death in uludağ about a month ago, and to haluk Özgen, he said seriously on the live broadcast, "i wish you had let me know if your cell phone was on, i would have located it right away, i did not know about it." i would have found it" said the person.. keep in mind, if you get lost or something, you immediately say hello to ruhat mengi, she takes care of the rest anyway.