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lgs 2020

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good thing it wasn't postponed to a later date. it will be over soon. the children have been at home for months. school lessons continue separately from the classroom. practice exams... they spend days in the same room, away from their friends, under stress. congratulations to all the children who successfully passed this process. adults revolt because they stay at home. these puppies also stayed at home, having to study. away from his friends in his teenage years. let it be over as soon as possible.


it's an exam that doesn't make much difference after you can't enter the eagle imam hatip.


i'm in the exam area covid 19 20 21 all available new versions are being updated now


there are those who say "my big brother is in the exam" or something. are we sure this is sour? not the weird story of benjamin button? by the way, i wish success to our fellow students in the exam.


young people, if you go to good school, you'll hang out with your smarter peers who smoke the most. if you go to bad school, fights and drugs follow you.


now the 2nd session has started, i think it is the exam where the corona danced halay where there was a stampede between the sessions and at the entrance to the first session

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