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terrorist loved by psychopaths


i praise a bloody terrorist who committed murder, and i hope that the dogs, who lack honor and human emotion, will be hurt in any terrorist attack as soon as possible. if you ask, there will be no humanists among them, the rest are fascists. i spit on their contradictions..


during the trial, he refused the lawyers appointed to him by the bar association and turned down all legal aid offers. in the interview he gave to the journalists after he was sentenced to death, he stated that his family was threatened by asala militants, but his call for his family to be brought to the country was inconclusive. another note is that after he was caught and sentenced to death, two more actions were taken by the asala to speed up the execution.


his speech at the court http://alkislarayasiyor.com/…n-mahkeme-konusmasi our leftist friends were really surprised. we are not in a position to defend the asala militants who massacred innocent people in esenboğa. what, when the police opened fire, civilians died, this was not wanted at all. moreover, there is a german and an american among the dead. come on, you see the massacre of the turks as "kisas", what are these foreigners, is it a loss of education? also (see: artin penik)


the terrorist of the world, who acts with radical nationalist feelings, is regarded as a revolutionary by the group in our country that calls himself a leftist. anyway, such a tight contrast would only suit the freshwater leftists of this country. it's an official insult to the patriotic 68 generation who really deserves to be a revolutionary, calling this person a revolutionary.


respect whatever anyone says about his execution. but to call this armenian nationalist a revolutionary is an insult to real revolutionaries who want the liberation of the proletariat, regardless of ethnicity or religion. this man is an open and clear armenian nationalist. whoever you call a revolutionary, but what is revolutionary about raiding the airport and causing the death of innocent ordinary people? think about it, don't call breadmaker a revolutionary.


he was a terrorist who thought it was a feat to kill innocent people with a sense of revenge fed by historical issues, and he found his trouble. i wish he could have been killed before he slaughtered those people.


a member of the asala terrorist organization, who killed 9 people and injured 78 people due to the esenboğa massacre on august 7, 1982, and was executed by the martial law court.

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