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he has such a career that it blows my mind. it gets stuck in "we can handle it" mode in the morning. in the evening, he plays sartre's prisoners of altona in the theater or plays federico garcía lorca. then he plays sinan, who can be counted as "we'll take care of it, kadir 2" at akasya stop, and he performs the poems of wisdom in the evening of the same day and makes statements about his movie after the revolution. i have 2 grams of mind. if i were to write his biography, he'd get that too, omg. or i'd go blind writing the bio, i didn't know.


he criticizes sezen aksu by saying, "it is not enough to say yes, and then write a song for berkin." http://www.radikal.com.tr/…_aklayan_yetmez-1184273


the player that made me watch a word a transaction more carefully. i think he will always put some/few of the money stacks in the inside pocket of his jacket and leave the place as huulyaa, my wife.




"the police force will one day be socialist, too, that would be great." he is an artist, our artist, who stood behind not only his film after the revolution, but also his ideal that he would not be afraid to devote his life to if necessary. edit: i see what you are saying, there is no truth to what you said, it is not known if someone suggested such a movie and he should have said that he did not play it, his job is obvious, you know, the meat that got between the teeth while ruminating, the red hem, just stay there.


he was feridun düzağaç, whom you knew when he didn't have the famous mustache and had long hair. thanks to http://www.turkcealtyazi.org/…nt-ulgen-bc89c8e9.jpg, feridun düzağaç has done all this without wearing an overhead shirt and growing a mustache. maybe this levent ülgen is another feridun düzağaç's hell. man?!


was amazed by his frankness in a tv show i watched recently. he did not glorify his own work simply because he was in it. he sincerely said that the akasya stop proceeds with the "cartoon logic", so that nothing can be more ordinary than falling into repetitions. he also reminded that he works in works with content, and he indirectly admitted that his drama was without content.


a quality actor who performs a poor performance -or plays a poor character- in a poor drama.