let alone karatas

let alone karatas

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this person, who is rumored to represent "..all the working people and the future of our country", caused me to get third degree burns from head to toe, injured my spine and lost one of my ears as a result of a suicide attack in gümüşsuyu on september 10, 2001. (of course, there are blind, deaf and dismembered people besides me.) it means that we laugh at the sun together like this. i wish they didn't force me to participate.


the person who resigned from mit exactly 7 years ago today.


unfortunate man. terrorist on the one hand, revolutionary on the other, a myth agent on the other, a murderer on the other, and bald on the other. decide guys it's a year 2014.


it was one of the things that should not have happened in order to make the world a more livable place. it was good that he died of natural causes and without being a prisoner. at least we haven't been plagued by the fallacy of a new revolutionary martyr.


let alone the leader of the giant-left, who manages the affairs abroad, when karataş saw that the most secret men he sent were caught without taking any action, he was saying, "if we write giant-sol on your forehead, the police will not find you in this time, how do you get caught?" hanefi hunter


how did you know about the deceased? if i were to answer the question in my own way; as a 'revolutionary organization leader' who died of cancer, he was condemned to an ironic death to remain under suspicion. while thousands of people who believed in him exaggerated and believed in death fasts, died in conflicts and he was wanted by interpol with a red notice, he was someone who could also receive cancer treatment in nuclear medicine centers for years.