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there is no wireless internet in ankara kızılay branch. in my opinion, it is a huge shortcoming. the airties_selin network with the best signal in the area is encrypted, the "selin123" password, which i tried with my superior hacker knowledge, does not work.


it is the product of the mentality of "let's do the rich in our magazine, let's hunt the rich in our cafe".


its branch was opened in adana today and 237 people have already registered on facebook. i'm sorry, fuck our show-offs.


the branch in ankara did not let me in because i was a soldier. gibbons, it's like you're going to rape customers.


you enter as leman culture in eskişehir, you exit here saying what is it. actually the first disappointment starts at the door; no, they don't give the car to the valet, there is no escort to your table, there is no type of people with their sweater over their shoulders, there is no lady sisters who carry their bags at their elbows. also, did they choose those waiters carefully? they are all different from each other. you just ask for banana fondue, they bring bananas. eat this, monkey treat. that's all i tell you.


you wouldn't believe it, it's opened in konya too edit:yes you won't believe it again but it's already closed.