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leitmotiv is the name given to the basic motif that is repeated intermittently in a work of art, creating rhythm and unity. some kind of movement, chorus, rondo.


main theme.. (see: anathema), (see: motif)


the last reason why balçiçek pamir fell into the language of oray egin. but the man is right to chatter, from earth to sky.


dark dredg album i think that melodies and experimentation have produced such a result. a successful and enjoyable album. edit: it's an excellent album that calms me down with anger* when i'm incredibly nervous.


this concept is the defining feature of wagner music, becoming. is the occasional repetition of a melody within a certain integrity. the leith motif must also be present in auteur cinema. in every film of an auteur there is a favorable motif that is present in the others, perhaps an image or a connotation, an image. english spelling is leith.


leitmotif, which is a musical term, is used as a theme, a motif that helps to distinguish a thought, emotion, situation or person repeated throughout the work in literature. it is aimed to characterize people and objects in the novel with repetitions.


i think it would not be wrong to call its equivalent in literature "background music". the background music disappears and emerges throughout the movie and it is possible to understand the whole main theme of the movie from this music. it is the same in literature. the main theme; it is done by coming to the fore in the plot of the event and pushing it into the background. to give a concrete example; the image of "father's suitcase" in orhan pamuk's speech while receiving the nobel (my father's suitcase) was shaped by such a technique.


its first use in cinema was in the silent film griffith's intolerance. a rocking cradle was used to switch between subjects.