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blair of gossip girl. lonely poor man was very unfortunate in his real life. her parents, grandparents and aunts were drug dealers and they all spent time in jail so even her mother was in jail when she was pregnant with leighton, they let her stay in a halfway house until it was time to give birth and her mother went back to jail when leighton was 3 months old. the girl was also raised by a relative. i think he is really admirable because he came out of such a family and was brought up properly.


do not fuck well, marry well. if we were to fuck, we probably wouldn't talk about the beauty of your face, we would talk about your body. fuck your face?


(bkz: you are as fun as you are beautiful) (see adam brody) the same goes for the man of course.


she is the girl with the most beautiful mouth structure in the world.


what does it mean to marry adam brody? xoxo


our 86-year-old lady girl with a nice complexion, very beautiful and attractive. she has the most beautifully shaped and ideally sized lips i have ever seen.


the crowns she wore in her hair became a phenomenon. also their gestures are very strong.


reason to watch gossip girl with her expressions, way of speaking, admiration of audrey hepburn and the wonderful harmony she created with chuck.