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friend who will cause a serious increase in the number of half-elves per square meter if he accidentally visits our country.


the person who was asked by aragorn, "what do your elven eyes see?" if he were a turk, he would have answered "his wife's".


felt it hurt while watching the movie because all the dialogues that we see in different ways in the book and the movie, the visual appeal of the movie was emphasized but the character was not given too much, and all the dialogues reflecting the soul were removed; he looked into the fangorn forest and said, "so, so old... so old that i'll almost feel younger again than i've felt since i set out with you boys." the elf prince whom i left my soul between the lines when he said.


an ambassador of the superior race, who saves scenario vulnerabilities with his superior abilities. on gimli's words "i have never known dying side by side with an elf" in the last movie, "how about with a friend?" with his word, he has the word to destroy the racial discrimination that covers the whole concept.


before watching the movie, he was the character i reacted most to being changed. i wouldn't be a blonde legolas diodum... but it happened, and it was something beyond what could be imagined... good luck to peter jackson and orlando bloom diorum i'm saying something else... (see: you're guilty of your blonde hair)


the pillar of my house, the father of all my possible children, are you made of titanium, you are the perfect man i'm burning with your aerodynamics that scream neither this grace nor this power.


he is the character i decided to be a bokologist for the version in the movie, not the version in the book. - question in mind: a red sun is rising, i wonder why? - legolas: blood spilled last night - question in mind: why is legolas looking away on the stone? - legolas: the orc scouts are coming - question on the mind: why wasn't legolas surprised when aragorn, who everyone thought was dead, came to the helm's deep injured? - legolas: it was already late - question in mind: what are those noises coming from the kitchen? - legolas: mouse, mouse...


the personality that made me leave the movie aside and have mixed feelings, make me say, let me be the arrow, throw me..