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it is a drama that tells the drama of a young man who is not taken care of by his disabled and bald father.


series where each episode is more original than the next. --- spoiler --- i could watch that gif forever. https://gfycat.com/shadowycrispkawala --- spoiler ---


might be the funniest show i've ever seen. i've watched a lot of tv series, but i've never watched a tv show in my life as much as i said in this series, "what the hell?" i guess i didn't say. it's been 5 episodes but no one is sure what's going on.


i want to say halal to those who contributed to the making and publishing of the film. it's 2010. it takes skill to make a boring movie like that.


the series in which dan stevens showed a terrifying acting performance. while i was watching the series, my mother, who looked at me from the corner of her eye, did not know the subject at all, but while i was watching the 5th episode: "what happened, this kid is looking crazy, did the devil get into him?" wouldn't you say? so, as a result, we are faced with a player who transfers emotion telepathically without using words.


--- season 2 final spoiler --- oh okay, you saw obvious signs of psychopathy in david and you wanted to intervene before it was too late, thank you, "either cure or death" under the leadership of the baskethead, whom you do not know the man for the crimes he has not committed yet


what can i compare this series with? what can i do after this episode? what can give me pleasure? should i go and watch the f*cking flash now? those who watch himym know. i ate the best hamburger in the world and all the hamburgers i will eat from now on will taste like feet.