legendary dragons legacy

legendary dragons legacy

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it's really a very enjoyable game. you play wow from a kind of browser (i exaggerated of course, but it would be nice if it was wow from the browser, but i guess). be careful, if your internet is quota, i've seen bad quota.


german origin full the new web based mmog. war of humans and magmars. http://www.dwar.gen.tr/


the disease that i caught after my friends.. i got infected while they were breaking their heads because they were in front of the pc from morning to night and i'm taking firm steps towards antisociality.. 10 level above the game has not been opened yet..


it's kind of a side-eaten world of warcraft. the fighting parts in the game were made with flash. a browser* game that every rpg lover should check out.


online rpg game where you can have a good time while playing. you can play the game online at http://www.dwar.gen.tr/.


i wish we could play to the fullest even if there was no lag... we wish the admins would be very uncomfortable but we wish they would do it... but none of the activities in the game are for the benefit of the user, on the contrary, they are clever traps made for the purpose of giving money and spending money (see: who gives little, who gives a lot of heart) )


it's the game i gave my years for. i was robbed twice and couldn't sleep at night. greetings from o'delweiss square.

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