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the ideal series for blood-holding bodies. likewise, after the action, the swords and daggers are clean and sparkling as if they were washed with aloe. (bkz: you made my blood dry fag)


dude, is it just me and my girlfriend that we love this show. we don't want to believe how a tv series, every episode of which is as exciting as the season finale, and which is like a movie, is cancelled, my lord.


midland, hartland, cartland curtland men have walked all over the place be... confessor, seeker of the truth, one of 3 first degree wizards born in the last hundred years, adjectives are flying but there is no horse let me sell its mother... or these lands are as much as lichtenstein or something...


a series that gives a substandard impression as of the first episode. tv adaptation of the sword of truth series. the scenario is pretty cliche. there's the bad guy, there's the good guy who doesn't know he's a hero. the good guy learns that he is a hero and sets out to kill the bad guy. the characters look like they were created by watching lotr. bla bla. special effects are cheap. good man stuff too. note to the scriptwriter: what is the instruction manual at that time. i wish you stayed on strike mal.


--- spoiler --- even though i couldn't watch the 16th episode, the 2x15, that is the creator section, was like the chronology of the whole legend of the seeker. however, the point where i was most split was that the notorious creative chick closed a gap and ran out of power. you hold all the light


the only thing left in my mind is the mord-sith. if i lived in the seeker universe, i would train to be immune to their torture, then i would haunt them every day, cheeky cheeky, i would say "faq mord-sith master agiel this is take this" i would do nasty things.. mmm mord-sith


watched a lot for the honor of kahlan's face water nozzle. then, with the second season, when the cara character came into play with her mord sith outfit, which could be a fetish object that she never took off, i personally loved the show.. hagaten became very gripping... sorry there are very beautiful female characters in the series, i couldn't focus on the subject so eheh.. as far as i understand it is solid. there is a subject, but it is not.