legal profession entrance exam

legal profession entrance exam

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what a great weakness it is to bind extremely complex disciplines to a single exam, which is the only thing against bribery and torpedo.


these eyes saw that the men who said, "does it not matter," had passed the judge's exam. don't be offended too much, after this time, i will dig into the funeral prayer, not the legal exam.


it is the exam that is sad for those who believe that exams are not fair in this country. it must be an interview. they bring interviews in many fields to ensure the known merit. the interview is based on completely objective principles!!! no uncle, uncle, spouse factor!


good news for those who believe that exams are fair in the country. in this country, nothing gets better with exams. you need to be aware of this. (see: kpss) (see: university exam)


luckily, i didn't take the exam. after studying abroad, i started to get equivalency at istanbul university. i learned that this exam also covers equivalence areas. as it was published in the official gazette on october 24, the effective date of the law was october 24, so i registered on october 21. we are literally living on chance. if it's about the exam, i can say this, they make the first exams easy because of the formality, then it gets on track. i wish the students who graduated from law faculties were competent enough but there was no need for the exam.


constantly changing name; first the lawyer exam, then the professional qualification exam for law graduates, and finally the entrance exam to the legal professions, which we heard from the statement of the president recep tayyip erdogan. the only question to be asked as soon as it officially arrives will be: who will it affect? who will take this exam?

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