leave a word of nightingale to the night

leave a word of nightingale to the night

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my eyes can't see, my ears are deaf, every breath kills me a thousand times (see: i'm not well)


(see: it's 2.5-3 p.m. go to bed)


1-let's go to bed, it's too late, go to bed 2-ey i can't go to bed, i can't sleep until the morning i can't sleep 2 different songs, one night


on the stage of trouble of this lie world; i played, i played. my role is not over..


don't trust anything, a flood may come and take it, don't say nothing will happen to me, it may come and find you. even if you stay in the dark, the sun may rise tomorrow, life is never clear, anything can happen at any moment. anything can happen at any moment...


i'm not in danger; i'm the danger! so he says i'm the scourge...


if i die, don't come to my grave.


i loaded all the suffering of longing, i walked, i walked, my path was not finished, it turns out that i paid the price of love, i paid, my debt is not over