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learning to drive

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it's calmer if you try to learn by yourself.

"at the end of a 40-minute session-i did not go out of a 300 meter long street- it was a nice detail to write level up on the screen. it is not nice that we cannot choose the skill that is opened by ourselves.



i will try it next year as the lessons are too intense and i don't find enough courage in myself ...


learn that knowing how to drive is one thing, and knowing how to navigate traffic is another.


don't delay. do not be afraid that you hit a wall immediately while trying to learn. before you go to the course, at least learn the location of the gas and the brake and do not be afraid of the driver's license teachers.


not hard.
if you've played before, forget about games like need for speed completely.
you will panic at first, it is quite normal, there will be bears that will honk you, do not mind.
mirrors are important, learn to use them.
put on your seat belt right from the start, the habit is important.
keep in mind what people drive in traffic, you are not lacking in them, but do not forget that this does not make you a rally pilot.
learning tool with your father is around, if possible, have someone calm at the beginning.


it was a very difficult process for me that confuses even the right and the left.


never learn from someone in the family. especially from wife / husband / lover. if you want to test your relationship, then do it.


the skill i will try to learn in march.


is a need.
it is neither skill nor talent. like everything learned, it's normal for its duration to vary from person to person. it is reinforced with practice, but i think the mental part is the most important. instead of saying “i can't do this”, it makes it easier to set a target around you as a useless person and say “i will learn quite a lot now that this is learned”.


it is difficult if it is started at a late age. a small car with automatic gears definitely facilitates the learning process.


1 hour job according to my father. indeed. learn how the engine works and its parts.


it should not be done especially with a father, lover, wife .
the best, safest and easiest is to go and enroll in a driving school and learn from people whose job it is to teach people to drive.

it can be easily learned if desired and tried. the main thing is to be able to get into traffic after learning to drive. i don't even want to learn just because of this fear.

after a little practice with a connoisseur, you should definitely start using it alone. moreover, before you start using it, you should definitely know the traffic rules very well. we wish you an accident-free driving.