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he constantly hits the faces of liberals, not enough, but yesists, leftists who are hostile to atatürk. are you aware of the danger, these fools were laughing at their campaigns and republican rallies. "military tutelage will end" i don't know why they were cooperating with the islamists. you know, young civilians or something. but time has shown what is what. this is your work, don't try to lynch lean alpay for talking about your purity.


the man does not speak the, he officially dominates the. i have never seen a person who can construct such diction and complex sentences in a regular and perfect manner, even though they are very long. zeki müren's throne is shaking.


the person who seems to be making a summary of the philosophy books he reads a lot rather than philosophy.


i'm glad there is, glad he was born. they had a great conversation in the overthrowing 40 section. “whether life is finite or not does not determine whether life is meaningful or not. moreover, if life's meaningfulness does not depend on its being finite or infinite, and if it is a reality in itself, that is, if life is directly meaningless, then living something that is directly meaningless forever, that is the real tragedy. so i think it's a bit of a blessing to experience something meaningless in a limited time.''