leakage relay

leakage relay

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device that checks the equivalence of the current entering the building (or house) with the outgoing current in houses (usually single-phase*) or small businesses (usually three-phase*). if there is a crack in the insulation, etc., current may flow from these points to the ground or to one of the other phases.... since contacting these points can create life-threatening dangers; supply voltage should be cut off as soon as leakage current is noticed...


to be honest, the real name of this device is residual current fuse; if you go to an electrician and say, "brother, give me a residual current relay", you'll get a response like "what are you saying"... best of all, you know his name as a residual current relay, but ask for his "insurance" from electrician necati...


it works based on the principle of finding the current difference between the phase and neutral for mono-phase. if the phase current and neutral current are the same, the difference is zero. if the difference exceeds 30 in a 30milliamp relay, if it exceeds 300 in a 300ma relay, the relay opens the circuit. in three-phase, it acts according to the vectorial sum of the currents passing through the 3 phases. according to the new regulation, it has to be used.


if this is beating frequently, the first thing you should look for is high wattage appliances, and the first thing you should look at is the oven. this prevented our idiot oven from starting a fire twice (the oven is 1.5 months old). we even called the authorized service because the relay was blowing. instead of solving the problem, the authorized service canceled the grounding of the oven and tried again. you can't be stubborn with electricity, if that relay blows, understand that there is a problem, but instead of bypassing it, find the problem.


in circuit, it is permissible to use it after the main fuse.


not being used in an aqua park in sakarya today cost 5 lives. that's how cheap life is in this country. get a residual current relay. why don't you put it, why do you neglect it? god damn it.


grounding is essential for the residual current relay to function.

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