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fell in love with him after watching this video. since i know that there are 5-6 people behind elon musk and that he is a total showman, knowing that we have one of those guys gave me hope personally.


he is the person i admired after watching him here, and will probably be a very critical figure for our country in the near future. let their way be clear.


a brother of ours, who i just listened to on his one on one program, who has unique ideas about electric vehicles. we will probably hear his name more often in the near future.


video site/watch?v=ns8falh2mrs incredible intelligence, incredible talent. if the state had given support, we would have had a truly domestic electric car 10-15 years ago. i would like to write more, but as you know, silivri is cold, now i congratulate him for not leaving the country by getting offended. i hope one day we will see that talented people are supported in this country, not really supporters.


the scientist who caused the professors sitting next to them to confuse with the explanations he made on the electric car in the teketek program


dear polyanalar, have you ever listened to the man? i watched the link yesterday on bloombrtg. the man always speaks in circles, averting his eyes. just word salad. it says full charge in 20 minutes. how will they charge the big tractor when it is not possible to charge even tesla at that time? i hope i'm an ass but i don't think so. i have no hope for that tractor. i don't think we'll see it in the fields, but i hope you polyanas are right