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the version he flew with onno http://www.dailymotion.com/…u-kuryuni-renkler_music


when i was in secondary school or high school, i heard this song for the first time in the musical sezen aksu. i searched and searched for years and couldn't find it anywhere. then i said, actually, there is no such song, i will have made it up.. guess how happy it is to listen to this song today..


the song that shows where the voice of the sky can go. it is extraordinarily beautiful...


it is the song written by sezen aksu and in my opinion the most beautiful song that he sang. a person may not wake up for a few days after listening to a lost person*.


i said to myself "i can't listen to this" in the first note. göksel stood in between "i was 25 years old when i sang this song for the first time, now 40", he took a deep breath and a smile came to his face and said "i will sing it when i'm 70".. it ruined me, there is no other definition, no description.


in a way, it is the piece that tells about one's own death...