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lazar angelov

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'online personnel trainer', which prepares a personalized training program from the website. his body is almost as if it was drawn with a pencil. as far as i understand, he earns a lot of money from this business.


they cloned his beard. (see: conchita wurst) completely cloned version: (see: gökhan türkmen)


(bkz: don't fuck your mother, fuck your sister)


one of the most aesthetically pleasing people i've ever seen. she has lucky genetics, she didn't give a shit about bulking, the result is obvious.

5…9005693699 and type=1 and theater man is at peace with himself.


bulgarian fitness athlete with about 5% body fat. working techniques can be watched on video site. i have personally seen and applied a few techniques and i can say that they are very helpful.


the guy has one of the best bodies in the world, the guy who came here is told he can't have a men's physique. who fucks lan men's physique.


the muscle mass person who started bodybuilding sports 10 steps ahead with his genetics.

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