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he had a facebook account a while ago. it was even filled with pictures of him with his girlfriend. i sent a message to ask a few questions about the hostel series, he was not lazy and wrote a long answer. after that, we had regular conversations for a short time. he told me that he was actually very shy, that he had a hard time taking photos, and that he had come to the country for a vacation before. a very sweet, humble person. of course, he had to close his account after his popularity increased.


actress persona who strangely looks like milla jovovich.


female botox


i'm in the 3rd season of lucifer, i still can't get used to her acting. a bad player.


sister, it is impossible to understand what happened to your face, why did you ruin your beautiful beauty. while i couldn't take my eyes off the screen in the first two seasons of lucifer, now the channel you know has changed, the picture is coming, what are those cheeks, why did you hurt yourself :(


actress who appeared at the beginning of the 2003 production of the texas chainsaw massacre. --- spoiler --- put a bullet in his head, okay. to see what it looks like before it's gone:…auren_german_hostel_ii.jpg --- spoiler ---


he was short and big-headed. he had a big face. what the hell is he like a pornographer who had plastic surgery under the stairs? she left chicago fire and made her own drama, but the beautiful type slipped.


i wish you hadn't done this. you were a very valid reason to watch the drama, but even acting became fake after those botoxes.